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We love helping couples with their dream weddings, all year round! What are the best months for a beach wedding? It is no surprise that June & July are the busiest months for beach weddings in Florida as school & colleges are out, people travel on vacation and beach season is in full swing. In 2016 we will perform between 30-40 weddings in June & July in Volusia County, Florida. June & July weddings can be hot, and of course our famous afternoon thunderstorms are regular visitors.


Think About This – October through February

Did you know that the most comfortable time to have a wedding at the beach is April & November? Those months are pure magic. They are our favorite!

Average High Temp – 79
Average Low – 60

Average High Temp – 77
Average Low – 59

October through February is an excellent period to hold your beach wedding for many reasons.

  1. Lower prices for everything
    This period is mostly “off season rates” for travel, lodging, venues, etc. (except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)
  2. The beaches are yours
    Vacationers are gone and the weekend beach traffic has been reduced significantly because schools are in and summer is over.
  3. Local events are not scheduled
    In our area, we have a busy time! The Daytona 500, February, 26th 2017 – Bike Week, March 10th-19th 2017 – Spring Break, 2017 February 20th-March 20th – Easter, 2017 April 16th. These events drive up travel/lodging costs and the area is busy.
  4. It is not hot/humid
    The weather is cooler which means your dress options (bride & groom) are much broader. The comfort level is greater.
  5. Not turtle nesting season
    We are very environmentally conscious at Volusia County beaches and from May through October the rules to use the beach are different. We still do most of our beach weddings in this period, but we can not be on the beach after dark with wedding gear/setups. No lights on the beach after dark. From November through April, we can do late night weddings, bonfires are possible with permits, nighttime beach receptions, etc.
  6. Paradise Beach Weddings is highly available
    Your chances of getting the exact date and time booked with us is very high as we have less weddings in this period than March through September.
  7. Book in January or February and we will give you special discounts
    We will provide a 10% discount on your total cost if you hold your wedding in January or February. Book your date by clicking here.

Other weather data

Average High Temp – 82
Average Low – 67

Average High Temp – 77
Average Low – 59

Average High Temp – 71
Average Low – 52

Average High Temp – 68
Average Low – 49

Average High Temp – 71
Average Low – 51

Talk to us about “off season” weddings!

Call us at 386-401-9698 to talk about the advantages of an “off season” wedding. If you live in Florida and you and most of your party is driving over to the beaches anyway, you have the ultimate flexibility to save money, have better weather, more intimate setups etc.

If you are planning a destination wedding and are traveling into Florida, the same applies to you except your are probably taking days or a week off to travel to our wonderful area and get married. For our cold climate clients, hey get out of winter in January and February and we will happily provide you a 10% discount!

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