What are the Best Months for a Beach or Destination Wedding

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The best time to plan a beach or destination wedding is when YOU want it. Here is info to help you decide.

Set the Stage

  • In Florida we have a 12 month wedding season
  • The best time is when you REALLY want it – fits your plans
  • Special dates like 11/11/17 (7 bookings) , 4/20 hehe – Holidays like new years eve, new years day, July 4th, etc
  • Sometimes couples want the same date as when they were engaged, or their parents anniversary or other special dates.
  • We find that Destination weddings often occur when people take vacation time in the summer, kids out of school and college, classic summer vacation time
  • Visualize what your wedding theme and vibe will be. This will help you pick a season. If it is fully decked with formal wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses, and tuxedos or suits, this may guide you to a cooler month. It may. Although we have done those in July with heat index of 110.
    • If you will be super casual with shorter summer dresses, bare feet, men wearing linen outfts or shorts then the summer months will be fine.
  • If you are having a reception, making sure the venue that you want is available, at any month or time is vital. Plan well in advance for this to increase your odds of booking the right venue.
  • Make sure you understand seasonality and events occurring where you are planning your destination or beach wedding
  • Read our blog post – Magic Months for Florida Beach Weddings – http://www.paradisebeachweddings.net/wedding-info/magic-months-for-florida-beach-weddings/

The Seasons – If you are trying to pick a time

  • Spring – Late February, March, April, Mid-May
  • The Endless Summer 2nd Half May, June, July, August, September
  • Fall – October, November
  • Winter – December, January, February

Spring – Great for Sunrise Ceremonies. Great for On Beach Receptions.

    • For east coast of central Florida, late February kicks off the busy season and Spring – average temp daytime high is 71 and nighttime low is 51
      • Daytona 500 occurs and all hotels in a large radius are booked, restaurants full, beaches start to get day trippers and vacationers. It is on Feb 17th in 2017
      • First two weeks of Feb great for cooler beach or destination weddings. Still off season and winter.
      • Last week is also great and we would consider it to be early spring
    • March is full spring with average temp daytime high is 75 and nighttime low is 57
      • It has become a busy month for our area
      • Bike Week is March 8-17, 2019 with 500,000 people (most with motorcycles) coming into our area. Hotels and all restaurants booked. Beach is OK, not that busy during this event.
      • Spring break is all month for colleges around the USA (Ohio State and Florida State go March 9-17)
      • March is a great beach wedding month but if April is a better bet here, but it fills up quickly so plan ahead.
      • Eastern time or Spring forward starts March 10th. with sunsetting about 7:30pm
    • April is one of the “magic” months along with November – average temp daytime high is 79 and nighttime low is 60
      • This month kicks off the “busiest” wedding season
      • Perfect weather
      • Longer daylight days. Evening weddings
      • Easter is semi – busy and occurs on April 21st 2019.
      • Schools and colleges are still in session
      • Daytripper traffic starts to increase on weekends as weather is getting warmer
    • We consider the first half May as early spring – average temp daytime high is 82 and nighttime low is 69
      • School is still in session until May 20th or so.
      • Beaches getting busier
      • Warmer days
      • Still off season, the last of it.
      • May 1st is Turtle Nesting season for us. In other locations, find out their specific regulations and other seasonal topics.
  • In Volusia County Florida, we have turtle nesting season. It starts May 1st an ends October 31st. This means that no equipment or lights can be on the beach before sunrise or after sunset. People can, but nothing else. Spring weddings have full flexibility for sunrise setups and parties with lights on the beach, Can you do it for this amount? Yes but you set the budget based on working with the wedding planner.
  • Venues have good general availability in the spring
  • Excellent Choice for Weddings

Endless Summer – Consider during week if Destination Wedding

    • 2nd Half of May – average high 85 average – nighttime low is 71
      • Colleges and southern schools out
      • Summer season officially begins with very busy beach weekends
      • Venues start to book heavily
      • Northern primary and secondary schools still in session
      • Classic summer vacations for most employed people have not yet started
      • In season pricing well into affect
      • Memorial day is a super busy time at the beach
    • June average high 88 average – nighttime low is 72
      • First half of June Northern primary and secondary schools still in session
      • Weekends are packed with Daytrippers and out of towners
      • Fully summer heat in play
      • June is the wedding month of the June bride!
      • June is our busiest month with events.
      • Longest daylight days of the year, weddings can start as late as 7:30 for cooler temps and less busy beaches
      • Hurricane Season Begins
    • July average high 90 average – nighttime low is 73
      • Our second busiest month of the year
      • 4th of July Weekend is busy, lots of fireworks and events
      • Coke Zero 400 Nascar Race – 7/6/19 – Hotels and restaurants booked
      • Hot, morning weddings before 11am are great. Later in evening.
    • August average high 90 average – nighttime low is 74
      • Better summer month for venues and availability of vendors than June – July
      • Hot, morning weddings before 11am are great. Later in evening.
      • Beaches still very busy on weekends
      • Schools and colleges start getting back into session in late August
    • September average high 88 average – nighttime low is 74
      • While many areas of the country start cooling down, we are still in dead of summer! Still hot and your body is ready for fall!
      • All schools back in session
      • Off season begins, pricing for hotels goes down, availability goes way up. restaurants less busy.
      • Venues busy as September is a traditionally strong wedding month
      • We have a significant drop in beach weddings as “destination season” has ended. Explain:
      • Still turtle nesting season

Fall Season – Off Season & Magical Weather

    • October average high 83 average – nighttime low is 67
      • The first real relief from summer temperatures
      • Beaches are quieter
      • Off season, pricing for hotels goes down, availability goes way up. restaurants less busy.
      • Biketober Fest is another Motorcycle event like Bike Week but much smaller (only 150,000 motorcycles) and shorter in length. In 2019 it is 10/18-10/21.
      • Usually good availability for venues and planners
      • Still turtle nesting season, but ends 10/31
    • November average high 77 average – nighttime low is 59
      • One of the other “magic” months like April
      • Turtle nesting season is over so sunrise weddings with setups and evening receptions/parties on the beach are OK!
      • We and busy with local weddings
      • Off season, except Thanksgiving weekend
      • Last month with “warmer temps” before Winter Season
      • Hurricane Season is over
      • Time change November 4th 2018, Fall back – lose an hour of daylight

Winter Season – Pricing Deals, Cooler Temps, Empty Beaches

    • December average high 71 average – nighttime low is 52
      • Off season, Super quiet except Christmas-New Years
      • Shorter days of sunlight, dark by 5:30pm
      • High availability
      • Special pricing and deals available across vendors
    • January average high 68 average – nighttime low is 50
      • Off season, Super quiet except Christmas-New Years
      • Coolest Winter Month
      • High availability
      • Special pricing and deals available across vendors
      • Last slow month before busy peak season begins in 2nd half of February


    • 12 months wedding season
    • The busier the season, the longer planning time you will need to assure availability of venues and vendors
    • Busy in-season on east coast of Central Florida starts in 2nd half of February and ends by Labor Day.
    • April and November are Magic Months
    • If you want more formal with warmer clothing, look into early spring or Fall-Winter
    • Ask about discounts in Dec – Feb
    • Start by picking the date that YOU want, unless you have total flexibility, and then the planner will provide you with great options.

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