The Pros and Cons of a Beach – Destination Wedding

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Inaugural Show – Short Bio – Pros and Cons of a Beach Wedding


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6 Cons of Having a Beach/Destination Wedding


A beach or destination wedding is chosen by 1 out of 4 couples and the trend is growing. Many people who are on their second marriage choose this option because they already had the “big , expensive” wedding once in their lives. It is a way to treat guests and control costs. Working with a highly rated planner and beach wedding specialist is vital, as they have already solved all of the pitfalls that can occur with an outdoor wedding. Their job is to make it easy for you. They will even discuss backup options with you in the event that the weather does not cooperate.

Thank you for listening to our very first Beach Wedding show about Pros and Cons of a beach wedding. We already have 40+ more show topics planned and are trying to post weekly. The next show will be entitled “How Much Does a Beach/Destination Wedding Cost”.  My name is Steve Gorney and I am a wedding planner/beach wedding specialist at the beach in east central Florida. If you like what you have heard and would like to learn much more about Beach & Destination weddngs, please subscribe to the Podcast. Share the link on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media outlets. It will be available soon on Spotify, Google Podcasts as well.

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