Last week our niece and the daughter of PBW’s own Rosie Martinez came to visit from Seattle, WA. We decided long ago to create e new wedding arch with her name, the Kandie Arch. We took a trip to Orlando to buy some bamboo and other materials and Kandie went with us to help select materials for the arch with her namesake! Here is her blog post about the experience!

I am so honored to have spent the last few days with my wonderful family in New Smyrna, FL! Even more so because I got to see first hand what Paradise Beach Weddings is all about and see how much love and care goes into preparing for someone’s big day. I love how the different packages are named for my special cousins and depict each of their individual personalities. I am amazed how each arch is so meticulously decorated and encompasses what each child, now all adults, have brought into this world. Unexpected surprise for me, I get an arch that will have my name AND I helped design it! I never expected to have such a beautiful symbol be named after me much less be so involved in its conception. I helped pick out the wood, African eucalyptus, and contributed to what kind of flowers and fabrics will bring it to life. I am hoping that those brides to be will see my arch and feel my personality shine through for their big day. Simple yet boisterous. Bold yet delicate. Happy wedding to everyone and I am looking forward to what my family at PBW have in store for these momentous occasions.

Kandie Martinez

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