Children Added to Vows with Ring

Groom/Bride SAYS:
Child Name, I want you to know that I dearly love your mother/father. We have become very good friends over the weeks and months and we have learned to love each other. As you have so graciously shared this wonderful woman/man with me, so will I share the love I feel for her/him with you.

Together, we will learn much more about each other. I promise also to be fair and to be honest, to be available for you as I am for your mom/dad, and in due time, to earn your love, respect and true friendship. I will not attempt to replace anyone, but to make a place in your hearts that is for me alone. I will be father/mother and friend, and I will cherish my life with you. On this day when I marry your mom/dad, I marry you, and I promise to love and support you as my own.”

Groom/Bride, please place this ring on Child’s Name finger and hold it there as you repeat after me:

I give you my promise to be by your side forevermore.
I promise to love, to honor, and to listen as you tell me of your thoughts, your hopes, your fears, and your dreams. I promise to love you deeply and truly because it is your heart that moves me, you are smart and funny, you delight me, and your hands I will to hold forever.

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